Since his graduation from CNSM in 2005, Bruno Schorp explored Jazz countries and trends from Paris to Kathmandu, playing in festivals and giving concerts in Europe and Asia. 

As a band leader, he was able to create and share rich emotional landscapes with his two albums, 'Eveil' and 'Into the World'. Inspiration flew from melodicists Jazz (and specifically Keith Jarret and Wayne Shorter), as well as more recent NY Jazz scene.

As a sideman, Bruno played along with Jean-Pierre Como, Laurent de Wilde, André Ceccarelli, Mokhtar Samba, Eric Séva, Nelson Veras, Anne Paceo, Khalil Chahine, Matthieu Chazarenc, Christophe Panzani, Vincent Peirani, Pierre Perchaud, Rémi Vignolo, Léonardo Montana and many more.

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2023    'The Lights' feat. Célia Kameni  w/ Christophe Panzani, Tony Paeleman & Tao Ehrlich
2022    'Con Alma' feat. Ben Wendel  w/ Karl Jannuska & Olivier Calmel
2021    'The Depths' feat. Ben Wendel  w/ Tony Paeleman, Karl Jannuska & Olivier Calmel 
2021     'The Owls'  w/ Anne Sila, Christophe Panzani, Tony Paeleman, Karl Jannuska and Angely Croq for the animated videoclip.
2017     Into The World w/ Christophe Panzani, Nelson Veras, Leonardo Montana, Charlotte    Wassy, Gautier Garrigue, Tony Paeleman.
2011     Eveil w/ Christophe Panzani, Leonardo Montana, Roland Seilhes, Olivier Caron, Antoine Paganotti, Tam de Villiers, Ousman Danedjo


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2024     Jean-Pierre Como 'Infinite' vol.2
2022     Triple Roots w/ Éric Séva, Zaza Desiderio
2022     Free Fall w/ Christophe Panzani, Stefano Lucchini
2021     Bruno Duval 'Small World'
2020     Christophe Panzani 'Les Correspondances'
2018     Jean-Pierre Como 'Infinite'
2015     Éric Séva 'Nomade Sonore'
2011     Tam de Villiers 'Motion Unfolding' 
2010     Hocus Pocus '16 pièces'

awards and honors

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1st Composer award @ Concours National de la Défense 2008, Paris
3rd Soloist Award @ Concours National de la Défense 2008, Paris
Graduated from CNSM (2005) &  D.E.M Jazz of C.N.R Metz (2001)
Graduated from C.N.R Nancy en 2000: Classical Double-bass studies
Graduated from C.M.C.N Nancy in 1996: electric bass studies


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2024 Admitted to the competition P.EA Jazz 2023
2023 State graduate in jazz (D.E Jazz)
Teaching double-bass and/or electric bass in following music academies: Auxerre, Malakoff, Clamart, Les Lilas, Noisiel & Cachan
as well as Music Academy International de Nancy (former C.M.C.N)